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Linux on Toshiba A215 AMD Turion 64 X2

This is just a preliminary post.. more to come soon.

First of all: how to properly boot!

If you search in google about how to boot motherboards with recently (or not so recently) AMD 64 procesors you will find that everybody says use "acpi=off noapic" in your boot options but.. that will leave you whitout all the goodies of acpi (suspend, cpu freq, battery status, multimedia buttons, etc...), but after a lot of digg i found some kernel-list thread that address this issue:

In short, there is a problem with the local acpi timer with a lot of motherboards with AMD 64, so just add "nolapic_timer" to your boot options, and of course remove "acpi=off" and "noapic", and you will boot a linux with acpi and acpi enabled :)


philby said…
"noacpi" works fine but "nolapic_timer" don't seem to work for me Toshiba A215.
Anonymous said…
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